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Thursday, 12 July 2012

You only film twice, Mr Bond

It started with Harry Potter - by splitting the final movie into two the studio doubled the income from their outlay. It made perfect financial sense - after all they had the sets, the locations and so the cost of producing the two movies was also cut in half. Twilight followed by doing the same thing and of course Peter Jackson's take on The Hobbit is going to be split into two movies. And now it's been announced that the final Hunger Games movie will also be two movies. However the most worrying aspect of this trend is that the producers of the James Bond movies have told insiders that the next 007 movie, following Skyfall will also be split into two movies.


Gayle Martin said...

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Joseph Day said...

Don't know how to email you Gary and Jack. But I did want to thank you for defending free speech.

Joe Day