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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Amazon new Kindles: on their way

Amazon have announced a press conference for September 6th - this is likely to mean that the long awaited news of the launch of the next gen Kindle and Kindle Fire will be finally made public.

There is also rumors of an Amazon smart phone, although it is far more likely that the company will concentrate on the Fire 2 which should get a European release. The original Kindle Fire is still a US only product. There are also new Kindle eInk readers expected.


Shauna Roberts said...

nngathsiI was hoping they would issue an upgrade for the original Kindle Fire because it has a major flaw: One can't put the books with categories (fiction vs. nonfiction; genre; free books vs. books one paid for; books by friends vs. books by other people; original publication date; etc.

But I bet they're saving that for the Kindle Fire 2. And if so, I'll be very annoyed.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

The update may come yet - Amazon often promise these things.