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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Coke Zero Zero Seven

The new banner for upcoming Bond movie, Skyfall certainly looks cool - and in product placement news we've now learned that Coca Cola have signed a deal with Eon and that their Coke Zero brand will feature in the forthcoming action packed movie cum advertisement - It's Coke Zero, Zero Seven all the way.

Also in Bond news, Roger Moore (the Archive's choice for best Bond) stated in his new book, Bond on Bond that Daniel Craig is the best Bond, or rather the best actor to play Bond - strange given the Rog has complained about the violent direction of the modern series.

"I loved 'Casino Royale' and Daniel Craig. He is a wonderful actor, certainly the best actor to play Bond." Roger Moore.

On the question of corporate sponsership of the movies, Moore had this to say: "Of course, we had executives breathing down our necks when I was playing [Bond], but I never took them seriously. In fact, I don't think I took anything seriously. Except making sure I got paid on Friday."


Editor Bill said...

Actually, Sir Roger doesn't say Craig is the best Bond. He says he is the best actor to play Bond. Not quite the same thing.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Yes you are correct there.