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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Magical Mystery Tour

It looks as if the Beatles, really not very good but interesting, third film, Magical Mystery Tour is at last to get a DVD release -  The British Film Institute has provided yet another clue to the puzzle and another indication to the yet-unannounced Blu-ray and restored DVD releases of 'Magical Mystery Tour' in October. Their webpage shows that on Oct. 2, a week ahead of the rumored release date of the new DVD on Oct. 9, the British Film Institute will screen “Magical Mystery Tour” and a new behind-the-scenes BBC-TV “Arena” series feature, “Magical Mystery Tour Revisited.”

Magical Mystery Tour is a strange film which will appeal to Beatle fanatics but as an entertainment it will leave most people cold - brilliant soundtrack, though.


David Cranmer said...

I always took and enjoyed this film for its early video concepts. Walrus is the best scene.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

DAVID - It's certainly got an art house vibe,but I just feel that it was part of the madness of that era.Look at their eyes during the Walrus scene - they're all on another planet. Still I love the movie simply because of the walrus scene and the Fool on the Hill scene and I like Ringo's aunt, but it's not entertaining in the way HARD DAY'S NIGHT and Help was, nor is it informative as Let it Be was. Excellent soundtrack though and I'm eager for the DVD. I've got an old VHS of this one but I think the Arena documentary will actually be better than the movie