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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Winner directed over forty movies and although his films have never been popular with critics, he was the most successful British director since Hitchcock.

There are some classics among his movies - the western, Lawman for one and the tacky though exciting, Death Wish. He also made the first two Death Wish sequels.

Always a controversial figure and never afraid to laugh at himself.

Winner was ill for some time and an interview with The Times newspaper, Winner said liver specialists had told him in summer 2012 that he had between 18 months and two years to live. He said he had researched assisted suicide offered at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland, but found the bureaucracy of the process off-putting Winner subsequently died at his home in Kensington on 21 January 2013, aged 77.

Winner was once voted the 38th most annoying person in Britain famously complained that he should have been higher up the list - he was a colourful man and will be missed.

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Davieboy said...

The world has lost a little of its lustre with his passing.
RIP Michael.