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Monday, 31 October 2016

Granny Smith FREE BOOK promotion starting 1st November

Granny Smith: Murder Plot, the latest and fourth book in my successful Granny Smith series is free for download from Amazon for the next five days. That's free - not costing a single penny, cent or Euro - now that's got to be a good thing. So please take advantage of this offer and grab yourself a few hours of great entertainment in the company of that heavy metal loving senile delinquent, Granny Smith - all I ask if that you leave a review on Amazon - please, please do that. And maybe, just maybe you'll buy one of the other books in the series. Hey, us writers have got to pay the bills too.

What the reviews say:

Brilliant! This Author has the ability make you you believe you are in the story actually visualizing what is going on! I simply love the character Granny Smith and her family ,
The setting is just right! I have bought all of Mr Dobbs books and can not put them down always thrilling and humorous at the same time.When is the next one out can't wait!!!!! Mr Dobbs has written some really exciting books keep them coming. 

I loved this book, it made me laugh out loud a few times. The characters are believable. Anyone who likes funny, light hearted murder mysteries should read this. I can't wait for the next one, I hope there are more to come.

She's back! I have a soft spot for this pipe smoking granny. The police don't like her, murderers don't like her but the public and media
love her. Back in the spotlight Granny swings into action to solve the body in the water butt. 'Murder Plot' is a hugely entertaining read with Author Gary M Dobbs really getting to grips with his creation. In places I laughed out loud. Full of character and the odd famous name I thoroughly recommend this book. She's back!

I downloaded this book and couldn't put it down its brilliant granny smith is a no nonsense lady that has a way of getting to the truth which is sheer brilliance she really is miss marple on steroids cant wait for the next book in the series 


Imagine Miss Marple pumped full of steroids and you pretty much have Granny Smith. This pipe smoking, heavy metal loving pensioner sleuth certainly doesn't fit in with the stereotypical amateur detective - she's got more in common with Mike Hammer than she does with Jessica Fletcher. Granny is very much a product of her time...she came of age during the Sixties and her attitudes were forged during that decade of freedom. She claims to have once slept with Keef Richards and insists that Paul McCartney was thinking of her when he wrote the song, Famous Groupies.

On the Origins of Granny Smith

Of course Granny Smith’s real name wasn’t Granny but everyone called her Granny. It wasn’t because she was a grandmother, though she was three times over, but rather because as a child she had loved apples, would take one to school for her lunch each and every day. It seemed that wherever she went an apple went with her and so associated with the fruit had she become that eventually some bright spark had nicknamed her Granny Smith after that popular Australian variety of apple.
She was seventy one years old and her given name was Mary Alice Davies, which meant she had the rather unfortunate initials - M A D, but she had never let that bother her and besides, she had often reasoned; when I marry I will have a totally different surname.  Eventually she had married a local man who went by the name of Arthur Smith, Smith of course, like Davies, being a common enough name, and she did indeed get a new surname, in fact her nickname became her surname. However because most people knew her by the nickname, Granny Smith, no one seemed to notice when she became a Smith for real, and, if truth be told, to many people she would remain forever mad.

The first Granny Smith book was very popular, scoring steady sales and even entering Amazon's top ten for cozy mysteries during the week of publication - the three books that have followed in the series have also scored strong sales and many many glowing reviews. People seem to like Granny.

Granny Smith Investigates is also available as an audiobook from Audible with other books in the series to follow soon. TO GET THE AUDIOBOOK SIMPLY VISIT AUDIBLE AND DO A SEARCH FOR, 'GRANNY SMITH INVETIGATES

The latest book in the series is Murder Plot and from 1st November 2016 the book will be free to download from Amazon worldwide - why not grab a free book and I hope this prompts you to buy the other three books in the series. There'll be another full length, Granny Smith adventure next Spring and this Christmas will see a festive Granny Smith short story available as a Kindle Single.

So some on folks - what are you waiting for? Head on up the Amazon and grab a slice of Granny'll be glad you did.

And remember please support the series by leaving a review on Amazon - nothing shifts books like good reviews. Also share this blog post with all your friends and tell them all about Granny Smith....she's Miss Marple on Steroids, Batman with dentures and a whole lot of fun.

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