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Monday, 11 March 2013

All that glitters.....

The Archive's not been moving at the usual supersonic speed of late, but that's because I've been tied to the keyboard with the revision of Granny Smith and the Deadly Frogs, which goes on sale at the end of this month. And I hope you'll all enjoy the next adventure for our intrepid pensioner as the geriatric sleuth makes a comeback.

 But that's not to say things haven't been hot around here in Archiveland and they're gonna get hotter still this week when we talk to the self proclaimed greatest writer in the world, the very lovely Kitty Glitter. Bestsellers have never been easier on the eyes but this gal's got grit as well as the looks, and her controversial books have been entertaining readers all over the globe.The archive will be letting the kitty out of the bag and spilling the beans and maybe discovering that all that glitters is, after all, gold.

"I would never write anything that attacked the Catholic church or presented them in a bad light.  Not so much because it's offensive but because it's such a cliche to have the pervy priest or corrupt Pope.  I would hope to avoid easy targets in general.    I would also not write anything anti-American.   I am pretty patriotic and find that sort of thing annoying.  I hate people like Lars Van Trier and all his films that are pretentious critiques of American culture.   But I would not really avoid writing about anything if I felt it fit the story I had in mind." Kitty Glitter

"Penile plunderers, Witson/Watsons, and Holmes progeny poplulate this thrilling caper story. The real hero however, is Rudy. This excellent story follows Rudy through a series of letters addressed to Sherlock Holmes. Rudy battles baddies, solves crimes, and guides a witless Watson/Witson through a gruesome series of exploits. Kitty Glitter always delivers, and this one is no exception. " From an Amazon review of Sherlock Holmes: A Strange Case of Dicklessness 

The Wil Wheaton book, which was previously titled Wesley Crusher: Teenage Fuck Machine, hit no 12 in the New York Times bestseller lists and was then pulled when Paramount sent Amazon a cease and desist letter. The author simply retitled the book, Wil Wheaton: Teenage Hump Machine and it's once again available. 

So check back here folks when later this week we snuggle up with the Kitty..