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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Game of Thrones 1/3 - Lord Snow

Lord Snow
Written by D B Weiss and David Benioff

A great episode that adds many layers to an already complicated plot - Jon Snow struggles to fit in with the Night Watch and finds himself unpopular with the other new recruits who envy him his privileged upbringing. The fact that he is a far superior swordsmen than they are only serveS to make him even more of an outsider. We also see Ned Stark and his daughters arriving at King's Landing and as soon as Ned starts his duties as King's Hand he discovers that the realm is heavily in debt to the Lannister family.

The cliffhanger from the previous episode is left hanging as we discover that Bran Stark is indeed awake but can't remember the circumstances of his fall. The boy will be left crippled from the fall and it is expected that he will never walk again. Later we learn that Veserys is pregnant with Khal Drogo's child.

Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik arrive at King's Landing and attempt to sneak into the city, but are spotted by one of Littlefinger's men. They are taken to meet Littlefinger at a brothel he owns, and he swears to aid Lady Stark and it becomes apparant  that they have some history and that Littlefinger is still very much in love with her. He then brings Ned to his wife and Catelyn tells Ned that she is convinced the Lannisters are behind their son's fall.

The episode ends in King's Landing, Eddard has contracted a swordmaster, Syrio Forel, the former First Sword of Braavos, to teach Arya how to use her sword properly. - 'I am your dancing master,' he announces.

 Arya is thrilled, and 'the dance' begins. As Eddard watches them practice, he realizes that a conflict between the Starks and Lannisters is now inevitable and that  his daughter may well be training herself for war.

Episode rating 10/10 - the plot thickens and certain characters - notably Tyrion Lannister, the imp - are becoming stand outs, but at this point it is still Ned Stark who we focus upon and identify with, which makes the show all the more exceptional when you consider what will happen a few episodes down the road.

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