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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

New Discoveries

I never thought I'd like a contemporary mainstream artist again - I'm not sure if it's an age issue but I don't think so, since the stuff that comes from the X-Factor, and dominates the charts, is at its best middle of the road crooning and at its worse overly commercial, over hyped, talentless karaoke singing. Simon Cowell is towards the top of my list of tosspots.

Music is in a sorry state when the chart are dictated by a bunch of middle aged men in suits and a fucking red haired harridan. Music should be about ideas and come from the heart and not the findings of some research department in Simon Cowell's hide out.

Was a time when music used to say something, reflect the modern world and was put together in such a way that every chord was anti establishment, every lick a mini riot. Back in the day we would have not had the opportunity to cheer at One Direction or JLS because the fuckers wouldn't have made any impact in the first place and the X Factor would have been laughed off the screens.

Though my faith as been restored by a nineteen year old singer songwriter who rocks like it's still Nineteen Sixty Eight. This man is Jake Bugg and make no mistakes this is a truly colossal talent, and someone who is giving music a much needed kick in the arse. I

Two albums so far, both of them commercially successful and critically acclaimed.

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