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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Here she's Miss Marple on steroids

The following is the foreword from the latest Granny Smith book, The Welsh Connection - AVAILABLE NOW

I needed to tell this story in order to flesh out Granny Smith’s world and bring the characters to a certain point. The book concerns not only a mystery but also the wedding of Granny’s son Gerald to his long time partner Wayne – the latter being an event that Granny thinks of as, ‘The Royal Wedding.’
As I say this story had to be told.
I knew it didn’t warrant a full-length novel but that the long short story format, a novella if you like, would better suite the story. And that’s one of the strengths of the Granny Smith character – she lends herself to all kinds of stories, many different formats. She and the world she inhabits is fluid enough to accommodate all kinds of stories. Granny can be hard-boiled, funny and even romantic. One story may be a straightforward crime mystery; another may be a cozy mystery and yet another may be a breakneck thriller.
The Grannyiverse lends itself to all of these genres.
            This entire story takes place over three days and packs a lot into such a small space of time. So I hope you enjoy this little adventure featuring our intrepid pensioner sleuth, and that you will return for Murder Plot, the next in the Granny Smith series, which will see publication in summer 2014.


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