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Wednesday, 24 September 2008


The publication of my first novel - Tarnished Star by Jack Martin is still some way off but now I've had a firm publication date and a copy of the blub which I reproduce here:

Tarnished Star

Jack Martin

All Sheriff Cole Masters wants is to raise a family with the woman he loves. However upholding the law in an era when gunfire speaks louder than words can be a risky business.

Cole makes an arrest for the brutal murder of a saloon girl but the killer is the son of a wealthy rancher and it is clear the old man will do anything to see his son set free. Soon the peace of the small town is shattered with deadly force and Cole finds himself a lawman on the run for murder.

The rancher wants Masters dead and the two deadly gunmen on his tail are sure they can do it. Soon blood will run as Cole Masters attempts to reclaim his tarnished star.

186 x 123 160 pp Rights: World 978-0-7090-8761-8 £12.25 30th June 2009 h/b Bic Code: FJW

Soon I should have a copy of the cover artwork and as soon as I do I'll post it here.

Put the 30th June 2009 in your diary, folks.


Ray said...

Looking forward to it.

Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds darn good. I'll look forward to more.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Thanks guys - the first novel is exciting - and I'm busting to hold the physical thing in my hand. I feel like a kid - he, he.