Wednesday 17 March 2010

Doctor Who's new girl

No doubt, soon to become a familiar face in pop culture, acress Karen Gillan, Doctor Who's new squeeze has revealed her frazzled look.

The next series of Doctor Who starts next month with 27-year-old Matt Smith replacing David Tennant as the Time Lord, while Miss Gillan plays his sidekick, Amy Pond.

The flame haired, 5ft 11in young actress has yet even to be seen on screens in the new role but is already in demand for glossy photo shoots.


David Cranmer said...

I give my initial stamp of approval.

John Sinclair said...

Very nice person too. I've done 7 eps of the new series with her so far and she's very open and approachable.
Doesn't hurt that she's got the longest legs I've ever seen or that she lives just around the corner here... ; )
Haven't you worked with her yet, Mr Archavist?

Paul D Brazill said...

I would.

Reginald Perrin said...

Wow another white doctor is this the manifestation of the divine ? Or just the BBC emphasising only white people can become incarnations of the universal architect and other skin pigmented people are sidelined as his servants. This is the last bastion of an outdated and institutionally racist dogma, when will we see an Indian, African or Chinese doctor ........ it seems never.

Heaven forbid the next incarnate be disabled, blind, deaf or immobile... its the BBC no pc or equal ops here. I wonder if someone complained that the Dr Who post failed equality and opportunity standards set by the laws of the land. How many people did the interview for this particular role, the genders, ethnicity etc, i guess he was hand picked by the nepotistic narcissistic claque within the BBC, nvm its nice to see where our license fee aka tax is going to pay more egotistical and banal actors.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I think he just gave the performance of his life in the audition. But you raise an interesting point - an ethnic doctor - I see no reason why not.

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