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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Archive's Sunday Comics - Cor!!!

Cor! comic ran for four years and 210 issues and eventually merged into Buster, but the Cor name was carried on with a series of summer special and annuals that ran into the early 1990's

This weeks' strip - Fiends and Neighbours, which was later reprinted in Scream Comic, was always one of my favorites. It told the story of a group of monsters living next door to an ordinary couple and the trouble that followed - think The Munsters on steroids.

These were the days when British humour titles were everywhere. Of course D C Thomson ruled the roost with The Beano and Dandy, but Fleetway/IPC, publishers of Cor!!, had a number of titles aimed at this market - Whoopie!, Whizzer and Chips, Krazy, to name but a few. And the IPC titles were generally thicker that D C Thomson titles, but in the humour market could never quite eclipse the success of The Beano and Dandy, both of which are still being published today.

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