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Friday, 18 May 2012

The sales promotion - the results

It seems that my recent promotion on eBook has been a success and my novel, The Rhondda Ripper has cracked the Amazon top 100 and is currently sitting at no 71. During the free promotion week it climbed as high as number 3 in the free charts and is now selling steadily and making a show in the book charts proper. It's the same story with The Dead Walked which was downloaded as a free book over a thousand times and during the last week sold another 70 copies. Arkansas Smith II is also selling steadily and only this week received a five star Amazon review from D M Harrison -

This is a 'stand alone' book but it's part of the series about 'Arkansas Smith'. An action packed adventure with three sets of characters, Arkansas and the sodbusters, Brady and his gang and finally the marshal and the posse all fighting it out between them. The diary kept by Ellie-May helps the reader along with the story and leaves the ends loosely tied up - enough to bring it to a conclusion but leaving you wanting more. Very enjoyable. 

Thank you for that and I do hope that others who took part in the free promotion, and snagged themselves a few free books will leave reviews, good or bad, on Amazon as nothing drives sales like reviews on the site.

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