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Monday, 7 May 2012

The Avengers Assemble

It could have been terrible, in fact I was expecting it to be terrible, but what a surprise and Joss (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) Whedon nailed it with this movie, and also gave us the best big screen Hulk yet. In my opinion this new Hulk is the best thing about the movie and Mark Ruffalo is excellent in the role - if there's  not a standalone Hulk movie with Ruffalo  during the next few years then it will be a missed opportunity. The rest of the characters are excellent too and some of the movie's best bits are the quieter moments where the various heroes are bickering among themselves.

I saw the movie in my local multiplex with my two young daughters and they were glues to the screen throughout. We went for the 3D viewing and although I still think 3d is a gimmick that will eventually die out, the action scenes did benefit from the added dimension, the missiles flying at the screen looked cool in any case.

If you were brought up reading the comic books, as I was, then you'll love this but non comic book fans will find much to enjoy. It's a summer blockbuster for the entire family and whilst it may be big, bold and stupid it's also very good...very, very good.


Davieboy said...

Thanks, that raises my hopes. I loved the Captain Anerica movie but was disappointed by Thor.
Anyway, if you like Joss Whedon's work do seek out the Firefly boxed set if you haven't seen it yet - you won't regret it!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

I really enjoyed it - may go and see it again over the weekend. It is much better than I expected and apparently smashing box office records at the moment.

buddy2blogger said...

Nice review. I have been reading similar thoughts from other bloggers as well.