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Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Bond 24 to start shooting. Titled rumoured is Only Time Will Tell

The next James Bond movie, the 24th in the long running series, will start filming on Dec 6th and will once again be directed by Sam Mendes. At the moment the film is without a title though the hot rumour is that the film will be called, Only Time will Tell - you know that has a Bondian ring to it.


Mr Smith said...

well, that gives them a theme song already written

Unknown said...

Looking forward to this one; it'll be the set-up they've been working toward from the beginning. With Moneypenny, Q and M in place let's see where the series goes now.
I can only hope it doesn't lose some of it's spark? Vigour? Unpredictability? with this.
I do hope though, that they make use of the new Pinewood Cardiff studios for purely personal/ professional reasons...
Gary? See you there?