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Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Great Granny ePromotion

It's the Great Granny Promotion

For the next four days you can buy Granny Smith Investigates on Amazon for a low low price, and also get the second and third Granny Smith book for free.

"I was brought up on Miss Marple. I loved the idea of an old lady solving cases through sheer nosiness and this is a modern day version.
It starts with a murder at the Village Fete. Unfortunately for the murder, she happens to be Granny Smith's next door neighbour and when the poor husband of the victim is arrested, Granny Smith leaps on her bike into action. With a surveillance team comprising of long suffering husband and gay son, she is on the case!!
A lovely easy read and a good plot- a real winner :)"
Five star review

"I've now read two books in this series and found both books entertaining and funny, really made me laugh, suggest people read them" Five star review

This was the first I've read this author and if others are as good, it won't be the last.

"I loved it from the beginning. The way that Granny Smith got her "nickname", the name it. She was not only an unusual character, but one that you'd never expect to find doing the things she did. The book was funny, interesting, fairly well written and made me want more. Definitely a hit with me. I recommend it highly for those who like a humorous mystery. Great!! " Amazon five star review

For the next four days you can get  the second and third books in the Granny Smith series for free. You can also get the first book, Granny Smith Investigates for a new low price.

Offer on Amazon worldwide.

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