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Thursday, 30 October 2008


A few people have asked for more posts concerning my life as a bit-part actor. Now that's fine but I'm limited to what I can say about current productions and so I thought I'd speak about a stint I did on Doctor Who several years ago.

(Pictured - On the bridge of the TARDIS - it was surreal standing here for someone brought up on the show.

My agent sent me for the casting - the part: an American suffering from the effects of the Great Depression who is kidnapped and held in the sewers beneath Manhattan by the Daleks. It was a reasonable part, only the one line but over 20 minutes of screen time and some nice action scenes.

Racing through the sewers, the Daleks in pursuit was a brilliant experience and made me feel like a ten year old boy again.

So I'm cast, hair cut in 1930's style and then together with fellow actor, Levi Summers who plays a friend of my character, I find myself on the Doctor Who set where Manhattan has been recreated.

(pictured being menaced by those damn pepper pots)

This was David Tennant's second season and by this time he'd really grown comfortable with the role and was giving the type of performance that has made him, for many people, the definitive Doctor. Now some of the big name actors (no names given) can be odious self serving prats but David is one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. He's great fun on set and always getting involved with whatever is going on during the long periods of hanging around between shots, but as soon as the shouts come - "Sound Speed" "Action" he is into character.

I particularly remember one day's filming - Doctor Who had been awarded the best TV Drama and at the awards ceremony David had recived the award from Julie Andrews. He was star struck by this and kept mumbling, "Mary fu****g Poppins" obviously in awe of the legendary actress. That was refreshing - David is quite a big star himself.

Now today it's been announced that David will retire from the role at the end of next year and so the search is on for the new Doctor...Er, what about Gary Dobbs.

Below is a short video of my clips.



Charles Gramlich said...

Why not you for Dr Who?



Ray said...

Don't like the three 'bookies' choices. I recall that Morrisey was in that Blackpool series with David Tennant. Nor can I see James Nesbitt in the role - he's 'Murphy' and I don't think people would forget that.
Whoever gets to play Dr.Who, in my opinion, shouldn't be a 'face' but someone who can bring something new to the role.
Out of interest - do they audition for this role or do the producers look for someone they want for the part?


Ray - they should audition but quite often it's already decided before the announcement of the old doc leaving.

David Cranmer said...

Gary, I grew up watching Doctor Who and being chased through the sewers by the Daleks to me would be an honor! Thanks for the video and music by Dylan from Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid was perfect.


Being chased through the sewers was a mad experience but the strangest thing that happened was one day between takes, a dalek operator lost control of his stalk and it hit me in the face. Hearing "Sorry mate" coming from out of the dalek was surreal.