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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Shameless self promotion

Jack the Ripper, Pontypridd, Buffalo Bill - confused?

You need not be after reading my popular eBook, A Policeman's Lot which solves the infamous Ripper killings in a new and unique fashion.

With the increased popularity of eBooks I thought it was time to give the book a dash of publicity. Here are some of the quotes from the Amazon reviews -

"Inspector Frank Parade of the Welsh town of Pontypridd heads a two man police force that is busy enough. When Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show arrives with it's five hundred performers and eight hundred livestock, never mind the thousands attending the shows, things get a lot worse.

Then the murders start up, involving a sixteen year old series of unexplained deaths. Throw in a thief, once arrested by Parade, who had threatened his life and had escaped prison by murdering a guard, a number of home break-ins, and superiors who want a fast, easy solution, and you have a fast moving novel that doesn't let up until the end."

"The author uses Parade and Buffalo Bill to offer his own unique solution to the greatest unsolved serial killer mystery in history."

"Dobbs has done his research and packs a lot into his novel. We become immersed in a time and place on the cusp of the twentieth century. Old methods of law enforcement are yielding with the introduction of new technologies. Economic changes create new problems and social pressures.

And there's the entertaining collision of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show with turn of the last century, coal-mining Wales. Cowboys and Indians wander through some of the scenes, and Bill Cody himself figures into the plot at key points. Well drawn, he is a self-important presence used to being regarded as a living legend. Meanwhile, Inspector Parade is a thoroughly enjoyable creation. Happy he is when he's on duty, which is nearly all the time. Such is a policeman's lot."

"The colour of the setting, the atmosphere and the characterization are all top-class. The story starts rather low-key, but once you get to the killings, everything steps up a notch and grabs you by the throat. A "historical police procedural" is the most effective way I can describe it. The storyline's multiple, concurrent strands reminded me a bit of the J. J. Marric (John Creasey) Gideon books, as did the well-observed "common people" characters. The difference here is the way they're thrown into greater relief by their contrast with the celebrated Buffalo Bill and his show people. Your choice of this background for your first Pontypridd novel was a stroke of genius"

Find it HERE
You'll also find the full reviews of A Policeman's Lot on its Amazon page. 


Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely a good book. I recommend!

Portugal said...

I am truly satisfied with this book. I must admit it is hard work to perform when you are doing this by yourself but worth it in the end. She gets to the point without alot of unnecessary reading.This is my second book I have purchased from her on Shameless Promotion.
Good Job.