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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The western - a dead genre?

True Grit didn't only win this weekend's US box office - it smashed it!

True Grit won the box office this weekend. A take of just over $14 million secured the top spot for True Grit. True Grit was followed by Little Fockers, which made $13.8 million to bring its 3-week total to $127 million. Season of the Witch opened in third and made $10.6 million. Fourth place went to Tron Legacy, which added another $10 million to its growing total that will soon push past $150 million. Tron: Legacy was followed by Black Swan, Country Strong and The Fighter.

AND NOW - Clint Eastwood has made rumblings that he would like to return to the western genre as a director. Hot rumours are that Eastwood is considering a Billy the Kid project.


old guy rambling said...

The western will never die, but the support group for them seems to have got pretty small. A few good movies may bring in some more fans. Would love to see Eastwood do another.


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