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Friday, 5 March 2010

The Chimes herald eHorror

Archive friend, the author Charles Gramlich has a new eBook out via Damnation Books - well actually it's an eShort and priced very reasonably. Check it out, horror fans.

The long, thick handle of the flashlight made a comforting weight when Dena's fingers gathered it in. She didn't turn it on yet, though. Her mind shrieked for a look down the hall but she didn't want to be holding the flash when it lit. That would only shout out her own location. She stepped into the closet and knelt, laying the Maglite on the hall floor. Then she switched it on and quickly stood up amid the clutter. One glimpse down the hallway made her wish she'd left things in the dark. The drip she'd heard didn't come from the rain.


David Cranmer said...

On my list to purchase later today. Kindle is dangerously addictive.

C.K. Dexter Haven said...

I miss your blogging about Westerns...



C.K - Westerns will never be too far away. I was taking a break from the genre after the mega Black Horse Weekend but there's a lot of western posts coming up in the lead up to publication of Arkansas Smith.

Charles Gramlich said...

Thanks, Gary. I appreciate the plug.

C.K. Dexter Haven said...


In addition to your Westerns, I enjoy your pulp/crime entries as well as your "State of Books/Publishing" news. You keep me, the anti-news hound, informed. ;)

The Tainted Archive is one of my absolute favorite blogs.

Congrats on Arkansas Smith!