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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Age of the Gunslinger

"Most men knew him as James Conners, I knew him as Shadowheart."

This 2008 western, made on a low budget and released without much publicity, is actually quite a good western in a TV-Movie kind of way.

The films starts off with a prologue in which James goes through the agony of having his preacher father murdered by Will Tunney. The boy confronts the killer but fails to use the man's own knife when offered to him.  After this James Conners leaves town, swearing that he will kill Tunney when he returns.

It is 15 years before Conners returns to the town of Legend to avenge the death of his father
. But not only have the years altered James, turning him into a bounty hunter but Tunney's altered also - for one thing he's had his teeth done (maybe Doc Holliday fixed him up)  and he's also invested well and is now a the local land-baron and enjoys all the power that goes with the position. Oh and there's the little matter of him also being the mayor of the town.

Conners ain't happy with that - and the fact that Tunney has also been getting too close to James' childhood sweetheart is only rubbing salt into the wounds.-  Of course you can't keep a good man down and Conners quickly takes over his father's old church and arrests Tunney for murder. He then marries his childhood sweetheart, which seriously pisses Tunney off. And when Tunney escapes from custody the stage is set for a classic western style showdown.

It does get slightly corny but it's full of action and as good as a lot of the old B-westerns.


Joanne Walpole/Terry James said...

Sounds interesting. Can't find it on IMdB. Who's in it?

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Jo check it out here -

Joanne Walpole/Terry James said...

Watched this now and really enjoyed it. Could have done without the last 5 minutes even to satisfy my need for a HEA...