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Friday, 27 August 2010

I've just bought my first western from W H Smith in what must be about twenty years - it's been that long since Smith's have had westerns on their shelves. They still don't but their eBook store stacks a fair selection of westerns, as do most eBook stores, which is where I picked up this copy of The Seachers (always wanted to read the original novel) for the paltry price of £2.24. A bargain.

You know these eBooks just may be the saviour of mid-list fiction. Gone are the days when mid-list fiction wasn't even an option when visiting most book stores. I counted over 200 westerns in W H Smith's electronic store and there were more if I'd kept looking. Quite a choice of oaters there - almost like the old days when the genre was well represented.


Nik said...

Good point, Gary. E-books will bring a lot of so-called forgotten books to the public. Maybe not in their thousands, but enough to make it viable. You can read my review of The Searchers in my blog, where I compare the book to the film. Let's compare notes!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Nik I'm going to start The Searchers this weekend. I read your review and I'm very much looking forward to the eBook.