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Monday, 23 August 2010


Red Brandon did a roaring trade at his saloon in Nebraska - his wife, Ada danced to entertain the customers but one day Red got jealous when one customer positioned himself at the foot of the stage when Red's wife did her high kicks, giving the customer a worm's eye view as it were. Red shot him dead and nailed his spectacles to the stage to warn future customers.

Rancher Jack Zeims of Hutchinson Kansas would not fence his horses, believing they had the right to wander at will. However when a neighbour fenced off his own property to stop the horses wandering in Zack shot him dead. The idealist was hung and his horses sold off.

Jim Bowie knifed Major Norris Wright to death in 1827. The dead man's brother swore revenge and when Bowie was asleep in the town hotel he planned on sneaking into his room and putting a knife in his heart, but the man fell on the knife while sharpening it for the task and bled to death.

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Old Knudsen said...

Doesn't look like the people have changed that much way out here.