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Thursday, 12 August 2010


During the 1970's and 1980's you could walk into any bookshop and the western section would be dominated with a group of British writers collectively known as The Piccadilly Cowboys and is this past week has spurred anyone to want to find out more about these writers and this golden period for British westerns could do no better than join The Piccadilly Cowboys Yahoo Group  - joining up is simplicity itself and George Gilman himself regularly takes part in the message boards, as does another of those Piccadilly Cowboys, Mike Linaker - got a question, get the answer from the horse's mouth so to speak.

 George G. Gilman and the Piccadilly Cowboys forum - it's a great group with an active forum populated by passionate fans of not only the Edge books but the other writers who made up the collective known as The Piccadilly Cowboys - Terry Harknett, Ken Bulmer, Laurence James, John Harvey, Mike Linaker, Fred Nolan and Angus Wells who wrote westerns in the 1970's and 80's under the names of George G Gilman, Charles R Pike, John J McLaglen, James A Muir, William M James, William S Brady, Charles C Garrett, John Harvey, Neil Hunter, Mathew Kirk, L J Coburn, J B Dancer, James W Marvin, J D Sanderson and Frederick H Christian. This forum is dedicated to those writers and their books.

Want to find out more then get the hell on over there!!!!


bish8 said...

I take it Harknett was not responsible for the Fox series by 'Adam Hardy' as reported in some venues, correct?

And with all those books sold, I imagine Harknett made a decent living, but was it a fantastic living? Did the publishers mess with the royalties (or were these novels work for hire)?

bish8 said...

Okay, so I signed up on the Piccadilly Cowboys site and downloaded the final Edge mini-series, which I did not learn about until some of your recent posts.

I've now converted the word docs of the 6 novels in the mini-series and have sent them successfully to my Kindle -- how cool it that?


Bish - Enjoy the EDge mini-series and glad you joined the EDge forum. I'll find out about the Hardy series for you.


Bish - I asked Terry and the reply was - This misunderstanding, resolved on the GGG forum awhile ago, arose because in one edition of a Fox book NEL's printers credited me in the copyright line in the prelim pages and the error was not picked up by the copy editor.