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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Why do eBooks cost so much?

Sure, you can get out-of-copyright classics like Black Beauty for free in the Kindle store, but most newer books aren’t nearly as cheap in digital form as you probably expected. How can publishers charge almost as much for a handful of bits as they do for paper, ink, glue, printing, warehousing, shipping, shelf space, and everything else that goes into producing meatspace reading material?
Flame off: Fat-cat book pushers aren’t to blame. Not entirely. FULL STORY

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Chap O'Keefe said...

The "regular costs of turning a manuscript into a finished product" should be minimal for an e-publisher -- as long as they accept work only from experienced, professional writers. Most fiction e-publishers seem to channel 40% of receipts to the author, which is good as long as the book does sell. My gut feeling is that e-publishers who wan to succeed will need to spend most of their 60% on promotion and marketing.