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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Black Horse gallops forward into new territory

This news comes to us, via Keith Chapman,  from Paola Motka who heads up the publicity department at Robert Hale, publishers of the Black Horse western series. Following our report earlier about the new Black Horse eBooks we have learned that the initial four titles are:
Rio Bonito by Abe Dancer
Land of the Lost by Dean Edwards
Rawhide Ransom by Tyler Hatch
McGuire Manhunter by Scott Conner.

Interested parties will be able to find out more information in an update later to the December issue of Black Horse Extra - find it HERE

As Hale pointed out they have had to move quick with their entry into eBooks in order to capitalise on the expected large sales of eReaders this Christmas, and I think the publicity should be handled in much the same way so expect news to come thick and fast over the coming weeks. After all the western is the genre too tough to die and I'm proud to say that The Archive has always shouted this the loudest. And we'll be positively YELLING about the next Wild West Monday this coming January!

"I am delighted to send through the information on our new ebook BHW bundle! Thank you so much for your offer to help us with promoting it!" Paola Motka, Hale publicity.

Archive readers who are unaware of the Black Horse Extra online magazine  really need to head over there and see what they are missing - Black Horse Extra has appeared on a reliable quarterly basis for five years. Every month, it reaches around 800 different visitors (831 November) and more than 2,000 "pages" are looked at (2,280 November). A "page", which is the site's case is a quarterly edition of the eZine, generally consists of three articles of magazine-feature length, plus a dozen or so Hoofprints news briefs. Many of its followers live outside the UK and do not have ready access to the paper-book BHWs. In November, for example, the site had 840 visits from the US and 137 from Australia, compared with only 270 from Great Britain. There are also readers in countries you might not normally expect BHWs to reach -- e.g. Sweden, 30, India, 24, Japan, 82, and the Russian Federation, 98.

The western is truly global.

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