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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

eBooks are old hat now it's eComics

The eBook revolution is moving on apace but it's not just standard books that are being digitised and comic books, although digital comics have been around on a small scale for some time, are going the same way - Diamond Comics Distributors is planning to launch a digital distribution service via comic book stores.

According to Bleeding Cool, the firm is developing a platform to increase sales of digital titles through brick and mortar retailers.

"Diamond Comic Distributors has been working on a digital programme which will be entirely focused on driving sales of digital comic related content through brick and mortar comic book speciality retailers," a Diamond representative told the website.

"We anticipate making an announcement in the near future. Diamond doesn't sell direct to consumers - as we've always preferred to drive sales through the comic book speciality retailer, who so loyally supports our suppliers, publishers and Diamond."

Founded in 1972, Diamond is the largest supplier of print comic books serving North America. The company has distribution deals in place with most major publishers, including Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse and IDW.

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old guy rambling said...

Huge comic book fan when I was a kid not sure at 60+ I could go the E-book comic route. Then again my grandson/best buddy and I could do this together and maybe.......