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Friday, 3 December 2010

Paul McCartney reissue program new details

Paul McCartney is continuing with plans to release remastered versions of many of his better solo albums despite poor sales for the recent Band on the Run re-release. Details emerging are that Ram and Venus and Mars will be among the re-issues which is good news, as these underrated albums are due a spruce up. I'd also like to see Red Rose Speedway and McCartney included and come to think of it, London Town and Wild Life would be most welcome.

The poor sales for Band on the Run are no surprise - I'm as big a fan as anyone but I didn't buy the new edition. Why would I?  I have the 25th anniversary box set from a few years ago so the new box set seemed like overkill. You can only sell the same thing so many times and with casual fans McCartney's image is not that good, which is a pity as there are some real gems among McCartney's solo work. If truth be told far more than there are with his old band mate John Lennon's solo cataloug.
A brilliant overlooked album

One day, I've not doubt, that people will look back on McCartney's work as a whole and recognise it for the brilliance it contains.

Now if only he can stay away from that X Factor crap and avoid those horrendous plans for a Beatle reunion with digital John and George.

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Alex said...

I agree! Red Rose Speedway has always been unfairly maligned by lazy rock critics. It's not a perfect album but the beautiful songs on it (of which there are several) make it a must-hear for any McCartney fan. I'm hoping this one gets reissued, along with all the McCartney/Wings albums, frankly.

I also agree with you that McCartney's body of work in general is of the highest caliber and it's time the hipsters recognize it as such. The usual old misconceptions that Lennon was the true artist and McCartney the pop hack are so tired -- and need to be REtired. Whenever I hear anyone slag off Paul McCartney and his music, I immediately know I'm dealing with someone who doesn't know squat about great music.