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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Superman and Batman: Public Enemies

 DC/Warner Brothers direct to DVD movie.

Guess I'm a born again geek - I'm not really one for animated movies but I sat down to watch this movie with my son and although I wasn't expecting much I found it an enjoyable enough movie and surprisingly engaging. It certainly wasn't overly childish which, to be honest, was what I had expected it to be.

Firstly Lex Luthor's the president of the US - I'm not sure how that's happened but no doubt the storyline's been covered in the comic books. There is a world economic depression going on and Luthor manages to solve that particular problem and soon has the world economy booming again. However there's always a down side to everything and before the world's citizens can celebrate there is the problem of a large meteorite that is all that remains of the planet Krypton heading on a collision course with the Earth.

Luthor sets up a plan to destroy the meteorite with nuclear weapons but before doing so he frames Superman for the murder of Metallo and thus Superman and Batman end up as public enemies - they are on the FBI's Most Wanted and everything. Cue plenty of superhero battles as the heroes loyal to Luthor take on Supes and Bats before realising that Luthor actually has his own plans and doesn't want to destroy the meteorite at all.

Of course it all works out in the end with Supes and Bats saving the day but not before some suspenseful action and a thrilling climax that sees Batman sacrifice his life in order to save mankind - or does he?

I was surprised I enjoyed this movie as much as I did and found that there's plenty of subtle humour aimed at the mature audience as well as plenty for the kids to enjoy. Cartoons certainly weren't like this when I was a kid and this was was as well written and produced as any of those Manga movies which crop up on DVD or at the movies.

I've been told I should try more of these animated movies and next time one crops up I'll certainly be watching with more of an open mind.

Enjoyed that - nuff said.


Randy Johnson said...

I can recommend Batman: Under The Red Hood as an extra good film.

John Sinclair said...

DC have a good policy; they base most of their animated films on previously published comic stories.
And as you're a Richard Starker 'Parker' fan, I'd recomend 'Justice League; the New Frontier', the 2008 animation faithfully based on 'Parker' graphic novelist Darwyn Cooke's 2005 mini-series.
This is quite simply the best superhero movie i've ever seen. It's a shame it wasn't live-action...

BTW: pick up 'Batman: Under the Red Hood' as it has a FABULOUS Jonah Hex short with it - written by the great Joe R Lansdale!
Thomas 'Punisher' Jane is also very good as ol' Jonah!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

John and Randy- just picked up Under the Red Hood

download movies free said...

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