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Monday, 20 December 2010

Western Bestsellers at The Book Depository

Chart courtesy of Black Horse Express

Bestsellers at The Book Depository - 20 December

1. Dead Man Rising by Lance Howard (Aug 2010)

2. Bleached Bones in the Dust by I. J. Parnham (Dec 2010)

3. The Second Coffeyville Bank Raid by Matt Laidlaw (Mar 2010)

4. The $300 Man By Ross Morton (May 2009)

5. Shoot-out at Owl Creek by Corba Sunman (Jul 2007)

6. Man on the Border by Dave Austen (Jul 2007)

7. Arkansas Smith by Jack Martin (Mar 2010)

8. Nightmare Pass by Lance Howard (Dec 2006)

9. Blast to Oblivion by Chap O'Keefe (Feb 2009)

10. Warrick's Battle by Terrell L. Bowers (Jul 2007)


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Congrats, Gary, and also to Ian, Keith and the multi-appearance Howard too.
Nik - Ross - Morton