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Sunday, 26 December 2010

Wild West eMonday

Monday the third of January 2011 will see the next Wild West  Monday - and this time the message is the same but the method a little different - THIS TIME IT'S WILD WEST E-MONDAY.

The day will see the Archive bursting with western related content and we'll be encouraging readers to buy a western eBook on that day - spike up sales the world over and show the great demand for the genre in these electronic times.

The Archive will be offering enough western content on the day to fill the great plains - there'll be a free eBook offer for all visitors to the Archive, as well as the début of a new Cash Laramie western short by Edward A Grainger - yep, the tale's called Melanie and it will be posted right here on The Archive. And if that wasn't enough we'll have guest posts from, among others, the likes of Chap O'Keefe and  Charles Whipple. And then you'll have barely enough time to down a little redeye before we present a great interview with author Chris Scott Wilson. We'll also be looking at the  new Black Horse Western eBook bundle in depth which will be on sale from the 1st January 2011. And biggest news of all is the plans for a big screen version of my novel, The Tarnished Star - I'll be letting you all in on the developments in the project this coming Wild West eMonday.

And there'll be much more.

There's never been a better time to be a western fan - no longer are the books only available to a select few with the funds and means to trawl bookshop after bookshop. The western is well represented in the eBook market and with one click of a mouse you can be reading your choice on your eReader, Phone, iPad, even the humble old computer screen. Buy them once and read them on any device. And there's such a lot of great western content out there so let the Archive guide you along the digital trails.

I was originally scheduled to fly to South Africa today but, as is often the case with these things, it's all changed and I now fly Tuesday 18th January - no great shakes it just means I'll have more time to devote to this Wild West eMonday. After that I'll be away until April 18th but I'll still be updating The Archive, though perhaps not as regularly as usual, from the dark continent.

As always it's all go on The Archive - prepare for Wild West eMonday.


Nik said...

Great news about Tarnished Star, Gary. Let's hope it's the first of many similar projects.

Edward A. Grainger said...

I'm thrilled about being a part of WWeM.

Charles Gramlich said...

A new Cash story. Excellent. that will bring me back for sure.

Oscar said...

Looking forward to all the excitement, I am.

old guy rambling said...

E-Monday sounds like fun--count me in.


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