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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The return of Norman Wisdom and the cosmic brainsuckers

Comedy icon Norman Wisdom could emerge for one final movie adventure this year, as plans are underway to release a previously un-seen film starring the comic actor.

Cosmic! Lost And Found, which was created and funded by Grant Littlechild, was filmed in 1998, but funding is still needed to pay for post-production work. The film stars Sir Norman and astronomer Sir Patrick Moore, with an introduction by Michael Jackson and Blues Brothers director John Landis.

The movie sees Wisdom's character abducted by aliens and meeting robots and space maidens.

Mr Littlechild, who first began working on the project 14 years ago, said he wanted to mirror the sci-fi comedies he grew up with.: "Who better to star in my own film than another childhood hero of mine, Norman Wisdom?"

He added: "I kept thinking how fantastic it would be to see Norman abducted by flying saucers. For me to shout 'Action' and Norman to yell back, 'Mr Grimsdale' was such an incredible experience."

Littlechild is currently looking for sponsors to help fund the post-production work that would allow the feature to be released in cinemas or on DVD. He says: "Since the sad loss of Norman, I passionately now want, more than ever, to see this film completed. He has got so many fans."

Details and a trailer HERE


John Sinclair said...

My hero!
I SO want to see this - is your man actively encouraging donations or what? I'd consider it an honour!

Y'know, I've always hated the M4 and never more than the day I was supposed to interview Mr Wisdom at the Theatre Royal, Bath - and got held up on the fecking road for five and a half hours!
Yes, I missed him.
And still do.

RIP Pitkin.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Yeah John visit the website to donate a few quid or buy one of those exclusive paperweights and you'll get your name in the credits.