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Saturday, 8 January 2011


I've written about this before but it really gets up my nose - the man pictured left was a literary genius with his works celebrated the world over, and yet all these years after his death he has become the victim of those do-gooder arseholes who are determined to sanitise history. It's happening the world over and we really need to tell these small minded, bigoted, liberal, plank heads where to get off.

We should apologise to the spirit of Mark Twain for allowing these arseholes in our generation to achieve such sway with the authorities.

What would Mark Twain think of prissily bowdlerizing Huckleberry Finn. Or — to be more specific — what would he think of a U.S. publisher’s recently announced decision to purge a new Huck Finn edition of the N-word?

"The book is an anti-racist book and to change the language changes the power of the book," Cindy Lovell.

Of course that fact that the work is anti-racist escapes these dumb bastards who seek to protect out moral wellbeing. Don't they realise they are on the same level as the Lebanon authorities who banned The Diary of Anne Frank for showing Jews in a favourable light? And what will they do with all the old editions of Huck Finn with the offending words?

Burn them, maybe!


Davieboy said...

Very well said Gary.

David Barber said...

It's political correctness getting worse!! The thing is, Gary, the N-word is still used in certain areas of society. It's only wrong if a white person uses it.

What has happened to freedom of speech?

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Indeed it's just a word and yeah it can be used in an hurtful way, but then right minded people wouldn't do this. And these right minded people have a right to read things the way they were written.

David Barber said...

Here here!!!

Randy Johnson said...

As David barber says, it's still used by certain folks. I have a black friend who abhors his peopel using the n-word among themselves, considering it demeaning even to be used among themselves.