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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Arkansas eSmith

First there was the hardcover from Black Horse Westerns and then the large print paperback from The Linford Library, and today I was pleased to recieve an offer from my publisher Robert Hale for the book to be included amongst it's April 2012 eBook releases. Needless to say I accepted the offer immediately as I've long been keen to see Jack Martin available in the new hip digital format. Arakansas Smith will be released as an eBook from Robert Hale next April at the price of £3.99. The eBook will be available for all eReaders including the Kindle, Sony and iPad

Good news indeed for my Jack Martin persona with there now being three books in the pipeline - the large print version of Delta Rose, the eBook version of Arkansas Smith and next July will see an all new western adventure when Wild Bill Williams sees print.

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Chap O'Keefe said...

I hope you're being offered a fair deal on your ebook western, Gary. Many traditional publishers are still offering the authors of their backlist titles only 25% of "net cash proceeds" -- i.e. what's left after everybody else (formatter, retailer, taxman) has been paid and the publisher has kept 75% of the remaining profit.

If that's the deal here it would work out like this:
£3.99 less 20% VAT equals £3.20.
£3.20 less 50% for the retailer equals £1.60.
£1.60 less 20% to Faber Factory (for "origination"/formatting) equals £1.28.
25% of £1.28 equals 32 pence.

Personally, I think most writers would do better producing their own ebooks. By accepting the standard Amazon deal, you can keep 70% of a download price of £2.10. To me, accepting 32 pence sounds like an author reckons the publisher is going to sell more than four times the ebooks he could sell him/herself!

I think most of the astonishing sales of the Jack Martin BHWs have been achieved by social networking efforts rather than anything the publisher has done. It will probably prove the same for ebooks.