Friday 30 September 2011

Free O'Keefe for Kindle

Chap O'Keefe is one of those writers who for decades has been keeping the western flame burning - together with other authors from Robert Hale's Black Horse Western imprint, the author has been delivering thrilling western adventures, ignoring the fact that mainstream bookstores seemed to have forsaken the genre and taking heart in the large readership gained from the public libraries. Indeed until recent years Libraries provided the main market for the western, but now with the digital revolution westerns are as easy to find as any other genre - and that, dear reader, is how it should be.

Much of Chap O'Keefe's impressive back list is now available for the Kindle, thanks to the author's own publishing imprint which truly deserves to be a success. These days writers have to do all they can to maximise the potential of their work and ensuring the books are available digitally for the new breed of western reader is something to be applauded. The books have to be out there if we are to entice new readers to the joys of the genre.

"Yep, pardners . . . Chap spins a mighty fine yarn that
should send yuh moseyin' on down tuh yuh local
bookshop pronto. This excitin', fast-paced, quickdrawin'
book is jest thuh thing for puttin' in the
cowhands' Christmas stockings."
– NZ Rural Press

"... what kept me going was O'Keefe's sensitive approach
to the scenes and his interweaving of the oppressive lives
that women had to lead in the 19th century into the book... Dillard's determination to help Liberty as his number one priority endeared
him to me forever. It's an action-driven novel and a page-turner
that will keep you going until the very end. And the end is worth
all the discomfort you feel when reading about Liberty's helplessness:
the ending is chaotic, surprising and actually pretty funny. Or maybe
that's just my take on it because I love it when women who have been victimized come back and get theirs. Revenge can be so sweet."
– Laurie Powers, grand-daughter of
pulp legend Paul S.Powers, talking about Liberty and a Law Badge.

 "You could as well have been watching a movie as
reading a book. . . O'Keefe writes westerns with the
coolness of a hired gun."
– New Zealand Herald

". . .the quintessential action-packed western."
– Saddlebums Western Review

And here's how the promo works - Buy any O'Keefe Kindle ebook, except The Sheriff and the Widow, which is already subject to a special-price promotion, and you get to choose any other O'Keefe ebook FREE, supplied to you as a PDF file you can read on your ereader!

Send us a copy of the Amazon receipt etc. And name the second book you want, which can be any of the five, including The Sheriff and the Widow, if that's your preference.

Simply email the Tainted Archive at with the words O'Keefe Kindle in the subject line. Include your choice of free book and a copy of your Amazon sales reciept and I will pass your details onto Chap O'Keefe who will promptly send out your free eBook.

Check out Chap O'Keefe's Amazon page HERE and find a review of Chap's latest eBook at Western Fiction Review 



Unknown said...

May I just add that excerpts from O'Keefe westerns can be read online? Start at Links to others can be found at the end of the file.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

You know as well as classing Keith/Chap among my good internet friends, I am a big fan of his work and can highly recommend all of these books. And free food for your Kindle can't be bad.


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