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Sunday, 4 September 2011

Tainted Hiatus

My books are  packed away in a mountain of boxes -  I never realised I owned so many books - and I'm ready for my long awaited move to a bigger house. Of course this all means that the Archive has been forced into a hiatus as I'll likely be without an Internet connection for the next week or so, not too mention being too bust unpacking all those books, installing new shelving and trying to get ship shape, to keep the Archive active.

However, like the proverbial bad penny, The Archive will turn up very soon. And so in the spirit of randomness of which the Archive is known we leave you with a funny dog piccie.


Nik Morton said...

I can sympathise, Gary. I moved to Spain with about 34 boxes (charity shops and specialist book shops accounted for about 10 other boxes!) Best of luck with the move.

Charles Gramlich said...

Take care. I hope the move goes smoothly. We'll see you soon.