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Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Check out Steve M's entertaining western news round-up HERE

The Edge will soon be travelling up the Amazon
And many of you are waiting for the Edge eBook to appear on Amazon - well sit tight because we've hit a little snag which will be remedied in a day or two. You see Amazon's servers are having trouble with the book because they are having clashes with the many second-hand copies of the old Pinnacle Edge books on offer from associate sellers on Amazon. The Amazon system is throwing this up as a copyright issue with Pinnacle. All Amazon needs is documentation of the ownership of copyright which is the original author, Terry Harknett as all rights reverted some considerable time ago. So the delay in the book being listed on Amazon, the biggest online marketplace is just a hitch that we are working to sort out at the moment. The new Edge eBook will be there very soon and The Archive will send you over. However anyone wanting to buy the book immediately can do so from the publisher's site HERE.

Edge is the western series too tough to die.


David Cranmer said...

Hope it all works out smoothly, Gary. I am one of the Amazon standbys.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

David - it's all a formality. I guess this must happen a lot when re-publishing long out of print classics. As I say it'll be there very soon.

Chap O'Keefe said...

Doesn't it makes best sense for Archive readers who are in the know to go to the Solstice site and buy right now? Amazon might be a best route for Kindle clients and for selling to a more general public in due course, but immediacy is surely one of the pluses of ebook marketing. I do hope you're right and the Pinnacle issue is resolved soon. Since the Pinnacle books have long been OOP, the only people whose toes might be stepped on here would seem to be secondhand book dealers with disintegrating Edge titles at fancy prices.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Yep Keith this is just a small problem that we didn't frankly see coming. I think the problem is more Amazon's electronic servers not being able to differentiate between the old paperbacks and the spanking new editions. It's all in hand and and will be resolved very soon. However you have a point and anyone wanting the book should head over to Solstice now - the PDF format eBook they provide will work with all eReaders as well as your humbled computer screen.

David Cranmer said...

Chap, Yep, I'm a Kindle client. If it goes much longer I will go to the Solstice site and buy. But I'm comfortble with my usual routine.