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Friday, 25 March 2011

The British Comic Book Weekend

The weekend was originally scheduled to start tomorrow but as I've been tied up on a film set all week, and have been unable to put the vast amount of material together it has been put back till next weekend. However the wait will have been worth it as the Archive presents two entire days of comic book related posts - so many in fact that it'll make you go, 'Wowser!!!'



Really looking forward to this. I was a regular Hotspur reader as a kid.

John Sinclair said...

I have the complete run of Mick Anglo's TV Tornado - and the annual(s)- my annuals are out of reach at the moment and I can't remember if there was just the one or perhaps two. I know the first one was a gorgeously produced conrnucopia of classic US newspaper strips for us deprived fans over here....
Loved TV Tornado especially for the beautiful Mac Raboy 'Flash Gordon' Sunday pages and the gorgeous Dan Barry (and numerous ghost artists) 'Phantom'.
Great stuff - but sadly short-lived- perhaps it was the price - I think it was a few pennies more than the usual weeklies of the time and was in black and white so it didn't seem like much of a good deal for the etxra expense.
I have a vague memory that they had something to do with a set of repackaged coverless comics... perhaps 'Double Double'?