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Friday, 18 March 2011

Magazine Watch - Clint issue 6

Issue 6 of Clint is on news-stands now and the line up of strips has strengthened considerably. The highlight of this issue for me was the inclusion of a Ian Rankin strip. I didn't know what to expect but I'm a huge fan of Rankin's Rebus books that I'd been aching to read it. Titled, Someone Go To Eddie, Rankin's tale is a brutal hardboiled story, drawn by Stephen -Daly.

Leading up the features this issue is an interview with Stan Lee which for its brevity covers some interesting ground. Of the other strips Garth Ennis's The Pro, about a hooker with superpowers is bizarrely addictive and the excellent American Jesus enters its penultimate episode. Kick Ass 2, to my mind, has been pretty lame thus far but it does at last seem to warming up. Much more interesting is Mark Miller's new strip, Superior.

Jonathan Woss's Turf's lost my interest. The artwork is beautiful but the writing is over cluttered and after a promising start it's become difficult to follow.

Ian Rankin goes graphic
Clint is shaping up into a great title and it'll be a shame if it doesn't continue - it's suffered already with some distribution issues and seemed to have skipped a month between issues. But issue six arrived in the shops at the right time so maybe the problem is over.

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