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Friday, 25 March 2011


Sony's Spider-man reboot hasn't even hit the big screen yet but the studio are already at work on the early stages of Spider-Man 2 - (DEN OF THE GEEK)

Sony has decided that it's in no mood to wait for a potential sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man, and has thus ordered work to begin on a sequel. That, in itself, is no strange thing, of course, save for the fact that production is still ongoing with the initial reboot. In fact, Andrew Garfield's maiden outing in the webslinger suit isn't due in cinemas for over a year.

However, just as Warner Bros did, for example, with Sherlock Holmes (and is believed to be doing with The Green Lantern), Sony is hedging its bets. Rather than waiting to see if The Amazing Spider-Man is a success, it wants the script work (the cheapest, but arguably most complex part of the process) to begin now.

Hence, it's hired James Vanderbilt to get cracking on a screenplay, which, if all goes to plan, will lead to a short turnaround between films. You can wager that Sony wants a two year gap between Spidey movies, having left things so long since Spider-Man 3.

RELATED - You know it's great that I can say I know Spider-Man. I worked with Spidey actor, Andrew Garfield several years ago on the Doctor Who two- parter, The Daleks of Manhattan. The still from the story here shows myself second from the front, standing in front of Andy. It was a great two weeks working on these episodes, even if the pig men did push us around somewhat.


Chap O'Keefe said...

You sure look hunted (or haunted) there, Gary. I notice Andy appears to have his eyes in a more interesting direction!

john sinclair said...

i was in that ep too: a few cold nights running around the Castle grounds being bombed by flying Daleks... Theres a still if me and Andrew standing around a campfire. I can remember talking to him about his American accent.... I didnt twig he actually was a Yank.... Doh!