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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Stephen King returns to Mid-World

When Stephen King's epic series, The Dark Tower ended with Roland completing his quest it seemed that was it for the series that King has called his magnum opus. However King has returned to the Dark Tower universe for an all new epic - the prolific author's written a new book in the 'Dark Tower' universe. The latest installment is titled 'The Wind Through the Keyhole,' and should be hitting retailers sometime in 2012.

With Roland's adventure complete, King has decided to explore a period of time earlier in the quest. The new novel follows what happened to the main characters between the time when they left The Emerald City at the end of 'Wizard and Glass' and arrive on the outskirts of Calla Bryn Sturgis at the beginning of 'Wolves of the Calla.'

1 comment:

Davieboy said...

This could be a good thing. The first book in the series was very difficult to get into, but books 2/3/4 are epic, and very entertaining. King at his best. The remainder were laughably lame, with the exception of a couple of great scenes (Roland's dance)and the ending, which was very fitting.

I've much enjoyed King's recent work (Duma Key, Under the Dome) and so look forward to returning to Roland's world with King in a better writing place. I bet he wishes he could scrub 5/6/7 and re-write them.