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Monday, 1 October 2012

Countdown to Skyfall: The Best Bond movies

Issue 381 of the world's longest running Sci-Fi magazine, Starburst (on sale now) is a James Bond special. There are some great Bond related articles, including a look at Skyfall within the magazine,but the part I found especially interesting, not to mention surprising was the reader's poll to find the best of the Bond movies.

The magazine compiled a reader's chart of all of the Bond movies upto Quantum of Solace and it was a shock to find Live and Let Die in the top spot - whilst I wouldn't agree that this is the all time best Bond movie I do take solace from the top spot being held by a Moore picture. On Her Majesty's Secret Service came in at number 2 with Casino Royale (Craig's version) at number 3.

It was also surprising to see Connery's highest placing at No 4 with Goldfinger, whilst Goldeneye, which in my opinion is a better bond than Craig's Casino Royale was No 5.

At 6 was From Russia with Love and The Spy Who Loved me was no 7. The rest of the top ten was made up with Living Daylights at 8, You Only Live Twice at 9 and Licence to Kill coming in at 10. I won't list the rest of the charts, you'll have to buy the mag to find out the placing of all of the others but I will tell you that Die Another Day held the bottom spot.

It's an interesting poll and shows that Moore's Bond is held in far higher regard than most people realise. It is also cool to see On Her Majesty's Secret Service so high in the poll as many Bond fans have long considered this one to be vastly underrated.

The poll is bound to split opinion and so just for fun,here are what I consider to be the 10 best Bond movies.

2-For Your Eyes Only
3- From Russia with Love
4- On Her Majesty's Secret Service
6-The Living Daylights
7-The Spy who Loved Me
8-Live and Let Die
9-Licence to Kill
10-You Only Live Twice.

And for the worse Bond film of all time I would definitely vote for Quantum of Solace.


Scott Parker said...

So good to see FYEO up so high as I think it's the most Fleming-like of the Moore films. But no CR?

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Scott - I'm not a fan of Casino Royale

Scott Parker said...

Perhaps I missed it: what issues do you have with CR? You can point to a blog post if necessary.

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

To be honest I felt it was Bond trying to do Bourne and came out as a generic action movie rather than a Bond film. I am also at odd with Daniel Craig, a great actor but just not James Bond.