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Friday, 26 October 2012

Countdown to Skyfall - Bond fans left cold

I'll be going to see Skyfall this coming Monday, but a few of my friends have been already and what I'm hearing is not good. One friend, a life long Bond fan who loved Daniel Craig in the role, told me that this one is worse than Quantum of Solace - too slow and sleep inducing, he told me. Apparently it's even hinted that Bond is, or was once, bisexual -now that's all very well and not to sound homophobic because I most certainly am not, but you can't have a gay James Bond. The Bond created by Fleming, was a heterosexual fantasy - I could see this subtext myself from Casino Royale,in my opinion a vastly overrated movie. When they recreated the Ursula Andress scene of her coming out of the sea in her bikini,but with Daniel Craig in his skimpies - what the fuck was that all about? Another friend also told me that the new Bond movie is so homoerotic that Craig spends most of it with his shirt off.

James Bond should be a smooth, Vodka/Martni drinking, womanising semi-superman and not the beer drinking, unshaven lout with a penchant for cock that he seems to have become. What next? Will the next movie see a Mr Moneypenny? Will the gun-barrel opening be re-shot so we see Bond walking down the shaft of a penis?

Ahh well, look out for my own review this coming Monday night when I will have seen Skyfall.


Slap Bookleather said...

Very funny. I agree, while I like gay characters, James Bond should not be one of them. Looking forward to your review if I don't die in our upcoming hurricane.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.