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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Countdown to Skyfall - This Bond may soar

The signs are looking good for the new James Bond movie, Skyfall with early  reviews being mostly good. Yesterday saw a special press screening in London.  Robbie Collin at British newspaper The Telegraph said director Sam Mendes' Bond was comparable to Christopher Nolan's darker, grittier "Batman" from the "Dark Knight" franchise, while many of the critics called Skyfall the best Bond film ever. There were some cooler remarks with Geoffrey McNab at the Independent  criticizing the film for being "occasionally ... repetitive," however he still gave the film four out of five stars. However most comments were totally positive with Baz Bamigboye at the Daily Mail gave "Skyfall" five stars , calling it "pure classic 007 fare, back on firm footing after the less than memorable 'Quantum of Solace.'" And comedian Graham Norton, who hosts a TV talk show on BBC 1, tweeted: "Skyfall is perfection!!!!!"

I'm eager to see Skyfall after being totally pissed with Quantum of Solace and whilst I've yet to take to Daniel Craig in the title role I am hoping that this time he doesn't seem so thuggish and brings back some of the smoothness to the lead role. The fact that Q is back and (possibly) Moneypenny gets a big thumbs up in my book. There's also a spoiler free review of the press screening over at MI6 - click HERE.

And anyone wondering why there's a pic of Clint Bond attached to this article - simple really, Clint Eastwood is one of the unlikely choices who has been offered the role of Bond in years gone by.



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