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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Elementary episode three

After three episodes I don't think the show is a patch on the BBC's Sherlock, but I am starting to prefer Jonny Lee Miller performance as Holmes to that given by Benedict Cumberbatch. Miller's recovering drug addict, is a Holmes who truly lives on his nerves and there is a brilliance to the way he plays the character. I don't really like the concept of Watson being a woman and although the producers claim there will be no romance between the two, their relationship does seem to be heading that way - how could it not? The more the two characters get to know each other and the stronger the relationship gets between them, then the sexual tension will inevitably come to the fore.

The storyline this week was a strong one - it starts out with a child abduction in 2005.The assailant leaves behind a bouquet of balloons for his parents exclaiming “thank you” on each and every one of them.

Fast forward to the present and yet another girl has been abducted, sending Holmes into a sleepless frenzy, as we witness a race against time to save this latest child.There are a couple of twists in this episode, which I won't reveal here as many people may still be waiting to catch up with the show, but I will say that out of the three episodes so far I think this is my favourite.

I'm starting to warm to the show and although I think the BBC's Sherlock is better, I do think that with Miller's excellent  performance they may eventually surpass it. Though the weak point is bound to be the fact that Watson is female. I've got this feeling that the show will eventually concentrate on a romance between the two characters and the deducing may be pushed aside in favour of seducing.

 Ahh well, only time can tell and for now, at least, I'm happy to go with the show.


B2B said...
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B2B said...

"the deducing may be pushed aside in favour of seducing." - Love that line!

Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Feel free to nick it my man