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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Elementary Pilot episode

There were things I liked about the new US series, Elementary, which may or may not be a rip-off of the BBC's far superior Sherlock, but at the end of the day it came across as a poor take on the currently trendy Sherlock Holmes in a modern day setting concept. 

Firstly the good points - I thought Jonny Lee Miller's performance was excellent and I really enjoyed his OCD Sherlock Holmes, second thoughts that was all I liked about the show. Mind you there was an effective scene where Watson observes that Holmes doesn't have any mirrors in his flat and wonders if this is so he can't see his own flaws and demons with those oh so perceptive eyes.

And the bad points - Having Doctor Watson as a woman, I thought, was cheesy and can only lead to a will they/won't they dynamic to the show if it lasts past the first season,which I seriously doubt. I also found it odd that the show looked so British - Irish pubs, stuffy Opera patrons and no cool car chases, when surely the biggest aspect of the show should have been the modern day New York setting.  I was looking forward to an American Sherlock and instead all I got was a sub-standard riff on the BBC's current hot property.

If things don't improve then I think the show will plunge into the abyss of bad television.


Ben Willans said...

Fuck me this sounds just dreadful. I don't have a problem with a female Watson (although it will inevitably end up with a tedious will they wont they) but the mirror line just strikes me as a typical american abuse of an mythological English figure.

buddy2blogger said...

Agree with you about the show's not-so-cheerful prospects based on the 2 episodes so far!

James Lovell said...

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