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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Archive's Magazine Watch - Commando

The latest Commando books are available in stores now - titles are Miracle at Mons, Three, Two, One..Zero, The White Russian and The Raiders.

 Just lately the books have been turning up in stores attached to what they call a postercard, Quite a nice idea since the reverse of the card often features stunning artwork that can be framed. However I have a gripe with this in that the actual books are attached to the cards with sellotape - see that barbed wire design across the front of the books in the pictures, well that's sellotape and it can be difficult to remove the book from the artcard without tearing the cover.

 The only option I've found is to carefully remove the sellotape from the artcard, which is easy enough since it doesn't tear the card, but leave it attached to the book cover since it does tear the paper. Not good for collectors like myself and I hope that publisher, D C Thomson address this problem. We love the artcards (long may they continue) but we don't want to rip the books.

We have taped the cards to the Commando issues so you'll notice that your Commandos are taking up a bit more space on the newsagents' shelves. The stories themselves are the same action-packed tales you've come to expect and they're the same size you want...they're just a bit easier to spot! From Commando Press release

However the books are still up to the usual high quality and the series continues to be the only one of its kind on sale on newstands today. The Commando books have been running so long now that they have become a British institution.

It is especially nice that Commando this month launch a series of books set during The Great War - Miracle at Mons is the first in the series.

The stunning artcard with Commando book NO 4874

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gobshyte said...

I was lucky,I get mine on subscription and all the issues and cards came in a single bag