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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Blog Round-up

I've not done a blog round-up for some time, and so now would seem a good time to remedy this. I have after all discovered many blogs that are must reads since my last round-up and so settle back and let the Archive guide you all to some cool sites - Broken Trails hosted by western author, Ray Foster is always worth a read. Another western based blog is the excellent Slap Bookleather. Of course is you're looking for western based material then perhaps the best place to stop by is Western Fiction Review which is one of the most consistently good blogs out there. All Pulp does what is says on the tin and is the one stop resource for pulp based material. Blimey it's another blog about comics is my favourite comic book based blog on the entire web and I'm sure it will be yours too. We're back in western territory for Buddies in the Saddle though this always interesting blog also covers other genres. Horror fans could do worse than check out Classic Horror and also in the fright blogosphere are the brilliant Groovy age of Horror and  The Horror of it all and speaking of horror try out Scary Motherfucker the home of the mysterious Vincent Stark.


old guy rambling said...

See one I will try. Thanks

Ron Scheer said...

Thanks for the link, bud.