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Friday, 17 June 2011

And now the eNews

It's been reported by several sources that this year global sales of eBooks is expected to top the $1 billion mark. The Guardian newspaper this week published an interesting article looking at self publishing and suggested that although authors no longer need a publisher they most certainly need a professional editor. And The Independent asked if the home library will survive in this digital world. Blogcritics is a website that has recently sprung up and specialises in interviewing independent writers.Genres that have been ignored by traditional publishers are thriving as eBooks and westerns are making a big comeback. What is the Google Books affiliate program about? Find out HERE. Where did eBooks come from - The Birth of the eBook is HERE.

Random House launch a series of  digital colour children's books. Self publishers should look at the Amazon Sunshine deal.  Google introduce DOODLE MODE . Kobo are moving into self publishing and lending via their eBook system. Amazon are expected to generate $5.48 billion from the Kindle in 2011.

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